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Facial Esthetic and Plastic Surgery French Society gathers specialists of cervico-facial sphere. Its goal is the development and sharing of scientific knowledge, innovating surgical techniques in this specific subject but also play a part in initial and continuous formation of specialised surgeons.
Mastering surgical operations for functional, corrective or esthetic purposes around the face and neck requires an overspecialisation because of its anatomic and physiological complexity :

  • Sensory organs are concentrated in the face.
  • Effectors of communication (articulation, mimicry) are also concentrated in the face.
  • Personality and temper are expressed through the gaze and expression wrinkles.
  • All these aspects are essential in humans and social relationships.

What is the nose without the sense of smell and breathing ?

What is a face without the complexitu of facial mimicry ?

Corrective or rejuvenating methods and techniques set in the facial sphere must take into account this functional but also psychological and cultural context, explaining their development and evolution along these recent decades on the surgical but also medical level.

The application of a surgical process in the face – whether it be corrective or esthetic – requires a prerequisite master of medico-surgical subject of which the main topic is cervico-facial sphere. That is the reason why FEPSFS counts many specialised surgeons in facial and neck surgery  but also many other actors participating.