Info Cookies

Info Cookies

Cookies are small text files saved on your computer by a website in order to allow or optimize the operation of the latter, but also provide information to the website owner. Cookies help us make the website work and improve its interactivity and our services.

Face Workshops  wishes to inform you clearly and transparently about the use of cookies when you consult the

You can configure the content of cookies collected by Face Workshops.


Face Workshops website uses GDPR technology, Cookie Compliance for the cookies management and Google Analytique for the audience analysis. A cookie does not allow the user’s precise identification. However, it saves information relative to the computer web browsing on the current website – consulted pages, date and time of consultation, etc.
This information stockage remains in the user’s computer for 1 year. Any user can refuse the saving of cookies by configuring his/her web browsing.

«In concordance with legislation applicable in terms of protection of individual information from you , you have an individual right of opposition, access and rectification. You can exercise these rights by addressing your request online via


To configure and directly manage the cookies available through this site, you can use the interface that we make available for you.This interface is accessible via the cookies banner that appears when you first login on


  1. a) Your rights

You can at any time express or modify your wishes in terms of cookies and especially concerning advertisement targetting cookies of Face Workshops.

You can use the interface that we make available via the cookie banner that appears  when you first login on

By deactivating, via this interface, advertisement targetting cookies, you will continue being exposed to advertisment but the latter will no longer be targeted depending on your supposedly preferences based upon your browsing profile. The deactivation of targeted advertisement has no incidence of the advertisement volume to which you are exposed, but we will no longer be able to limit the number of the same advertisement display

  1. b) The cookie of social media sharing

On some pages of lay the buttons and modules of social media. They allow you to exploit the functionalities of these media and particularly to share the current content on with other users of these media.

When you enter a webpage on which is one of these buttons or modules, your browsing can send information to the social media which can then associate this viewing to your profile.
Social media cookies, on which Face Workshops do not have any control, can then be set in your browsing by these media. We invite you to consult confidentiality policies specific to each of these social media, in order to be aware of every purpose of browing information use that they can collect with the use of these buttons and modules.

  1. c) Statistical cookies

These cookies enable the establishment of these sites visitation statistics and it can detect browsing troubles in order to follow and improve the quality of our services.

You are free to configure your browsing at any time in order to express and modify your wishes in terms of cookies and especially concerning statistical cookies. You can express your choices by configuring your browsing refusing some cookies. If you refuse our cookies and our partners’ ones, your visitation of our website will not be recorded in our visitation measuring tools.


We inform you that you can refuse the cookies saving.

To remove it, configure your browsing and modify the cookies, you can use the interface that we make available via the cookies banner that appears when you first login on


  1. d) Our communications personnalisation cookie

Communications that we are most likely to send you -via email, text messages or by calling you on the phone,-  can be personnalised thanks to your browsing profile.
Data that are used to create your browsing profile are collected and treated in a fully anonymous way.

Your browsing profile takes into account these elements :

–          Web pages you visited on

–         Consulted themes as well as their consultation frequency

–        Your browsing profile is associated to a cookie personnalising our communications, saved on your browsing.


  1. e) Configuration of the cookies on

Functioning cookies allow the cybernauts to use the website functionalities and guarantee their proper functioning. These cookies do not collect data that can serve for targetting or marketing use.  However, Face Workshops can be led to use three cookie categories that can be used for this purpose. You are then free to deactivate them. Be careful, these setting are only applied to the browsing you are using at the moment.

1 – Statistical cookies

This cookie category allows the réalisation of statistics concerning the visitation of

When you deactivate them, we cannot follow and improve the quality of our services.


2 – Personnalisation

This cookies category offers the possibility of analysing your browsing of so as to personnalise our offers and services, on our websites or by the means of text messages that we send you.


3 – Targeted advertisement

This cookies category allows us to show you advertisements on the web that are adapted to your profile and your interests. The act of deactivating these cookies will have no incidence on the number of advertisements you will see.