LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company exploits a website of surgical formation exclusively destined to health professionals which allows these latter to watch surgical operations videos, consult scientific articles and undergo trainings.



LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE : LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE, a simplified joint-stock company  with a capital of 1000 euroes, registered in the RCS in NICE under the number 881 300 867 of which the head office is situated on 5, rue de la Chapelle, 06950 Falicon, represented by its president Mr José SANTINI.

User : every physical person, health professional, using the website who engages themselves under the present General Conditions, including the physical users who use the website under the name of user and using their own user account.

General Conditions : the present general conditions of use and any annexed or referred document in the present general conditions.

Editorial board : comité moderator committee of the website composed of professionals of which the list is on the said-website aimed at moderating the contribution requests from the users part.

Scientific content : content only available for users having created   their own account on the website.

Contributions : surgical videos or scientific articles provided by the user in order to be published on the website.

Website :site Website available via the address to which a right of use is granted according the terms of the present General Conditions.

Video : surgical videos published on the website.


These General conditions are aimed at defining the modalities and conditions of use of this website by the user.

The use of this website is subservient to the acceptation and respect of these general conditions.

The acceptation of the General Conditions by one of its employees or staff is reputed to have been made on behalf of the user by a an authorized representative person.


Functionalities : The website of LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company is dedicated to the teaching and training of medical and surgical techniques offace  repair and embellishment and it makes technical and dissection videos available for the users, as well as filmed meetings, articles, trainings and adjustments.

Details of the website functionalities are found on the latter and/or is available on request to our company LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE.

LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company retains the right to make the website evolve, notably by making new functionalities available, modifying or removing some others.

Accès to the website : Afin In order to use the website, the user must necessarily have access to internet.

To access the scientific contents, the user will have to create their own account from the available form via the tab entitled ¬ę¬†Become a member¬†¬Ľ, adding their identity information as well as the following information¬†: their RPPS number (for health professionals), their student card number (for medicine students), and their certifying on their honor to be a health professional with a justification (for foreign health professionals)

After filling such information, the user will receive an email which will enable them to validate their email address, and in a second email their provisional password that they can modify directly on their user account.

Users also have the possibility to Société Française de Chirurgie plastique et de la Face by paying the related contribution from the website.

To offer contributions to the editorial board, the user must have necessary rights that are set up under their exclusive responsibility.

More generally, every technical means, as well as telecommunication costs allowing the website use and access are payable exclusively by the user.

The user’s access to their account is made by the means of usernames and passwords given to the users by the website, elements that they will not share with anyone and that will remain strictly individual and personal.

The user is the only responsible of the use of these usernames and passwords by other persons, and guarantees LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company unresponsible for any request and/or action based upon a fraudulent or not use of these usernames. In order to avoid a fraudulent use of usernames, the user engages themselves to choose a new password that allows a higher level of safety according to standard and recommendations currently in effect.


Website Functioning: LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company is committed to providing every due diligence and faithful to professional standards in the context of providing access to the website and its functionalities.
Moreover, LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company is committed to making its best efforts ensuring hosting, security, confidentiality and integrity of the user’s contributions -and, if need be, the other information- hosted on the website.

LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company retains the possibility to modify or interrupt the access to the website notably for reasons of security, maintenance, update and improvements or for making the content evolve and that, without any compensation. As far as possible, LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company will strive to minimize any unpleasantness for the user and to warn them in advance if an interruption is planned. LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company shall not be responsible for technical constraints linked to the web-based network or to all interruption that would not be imputable to a result of its own fault.

Approval by the editorial board : the user has the possibility to contribute to the scientific content in the website by offering  surgical videos and articles. Requests will then be subject to the editorial board via email. The editorial board is committed to studying each proposed contribution by the users and to send them a feedback by email concerning the potention publication on the website of the proposed contribution.

The editorial board will then be able to decide at any moment to remove the contributions from the website.


Use of the website : The use is committed in using the website in accordance with existing regulations and notably in respecting every obligation, whether it be towards users, staff or clients, towards administration or towards any third party.

More generally, the user is committed in respecting the General Conditions, not harming to any third-party rights in any way, nor impeding or disrupting the website functioning.

The user is committed in guaranteeing LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company safety with regard to any direct or indirect damage resulting from the violation of General Conditions from the part of the user, notably any action that would be undertaken against the website and its consequences (compensations, conviction, legal fees and court costs that LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE would be held to pay) because of the user’s use of the website, or under its username, not respecting the General Conditions of general regulation.

Contributions offered by users : the user accepts and is committed in communicating contributions to the Publication Committee. Their contributions must not harm any third-part or disrespect the current legislation.
Notably, the user will be careful to communicate contributions on which they have full rights and to which intellectual property rights have not been conceded in an exclusive way to a third party (scientific journal for example).

Also, the user is committed in not offering videos with content contrary to morality and public order, personal data , unproper, defamatory, offensive, pornographic, pedophilic, obscene, violent, provocative, racist, discriminating, justifying war crimes, crimes against humanity or terrorism content. In the same vein, the client is committed in not using videos with content that violates third party rights such as the right to private life, to an image or of intellectual property.

In view of the nature of the videos, (surgical interventions around the face), the user is committed in obtaining, prior to any capture, the consent of concerned persons and must have personally obtained a signing for an image right assignment. This is totally independent from the site.

At all events, the user is committed in noy offering the Editorial board videos with private images showing other persons without their consent, or which harms their honor or reputation. The user guarantees for this reason LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company not responsible for any request and/or action based upon a use, fraudulent or not, of the aroused elements.


Website : LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company concedes the user a right of use of the website, under its executable form. This right of use is individual, limited, temporary, non-transferable and non-exclusive to the user and can be subject to no cession or loan to any other person. The use of the website is destined to cover only internal professional needs of the user. The conceded rights of the present General Conditions do not transfer the user other rights than expressively condeded ones.

Any extra use is forbidden and, in particular but without restriction, the user is committed in not using the website for other aims than trainings and the watching of videos and articles. The user is not allowed to reproduce, alter, adapt, modify in any way, translate, add in another product, all or part of the website. The user also cannot harm in any way the company rights.

Concession of Contributions rights of use : the contributor website user concedes, on a non-exclusive basis, the right of use of Contributions subject to the publication board for only publication aims on the website available from all around the world. Publications will remain on the website for a period of  time equal to the period of intellectual property rights protection according to French and foreign laws as well as current or future international conventions -including every renewal, prorogation that would intervene no matter the reasons.

The user formally states to have no right, pledge, collateral, delegation or any privilege on the contributions that are likely to constitute an obstacle to the execution of the present convention.

In this way, LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE are authorized to reproduce the Contributions on the website and adapt them translating the latter in every language.

If by extraordinary turn of events, the user did not hold part of rights mentioned above concerning one or more éléments incorporated to the Contributions, Рwhich can only be the case in a written prior agreement from LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE fully informed about the responsibility of the contributor user-, the latter is committed in telling the LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company, before the latter’s approval of the proposal made, the transfer of the said rights’ limits and conditions in which these rights can be transferred (notably the period, geographical area, …).


The user can request the removal of their account at any time. The removal of the user account will also imply a cessation of the right to access the scientific contents of the website.

The user account will then be removed by LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE after a 3 year-delay corresponding to the observed periof of inactivity.


Provisions applying to the treatment of personal data provided by the user to LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company for the execution of the present General Conditions are to be found in the policy of personal data management available on LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE website.


Present General conditions are subject to French law. Any conflict that could not be solved in an amicable way between LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE company and the user will be subject to the competence of competent legal tribunal.

Article 10. OTHERS

If any clause among the ones in the General conditions turned out to be void or inapplicable under a law or a regulation following an executory decision of a jurisdiction or of another competent authority, all parts expressively agree that the contract will not be affected by the invalidity of the abovementioned clause.

The fact that one part does not demand at any time the strict execution by the other part of any disposition or condition of the present General Conditions will not be considered as a definitive renunciation of this disposition or condition. As a consequence, each part will be able to request, at any time, the strict and integral execution of the present General conditions by the other part.


Properties of the website : LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE, SAS with a capital of 1000 euros, registered to the RCS in Nice under the number 881 300 867. Its head office is located on 5 rue de la chapelle, 06950 Falicon. Contact :, mobile phone +33607937729

Publication director : LES ATELIERS DU VISAGE.

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